Friday, November 29, 2013

Advent Calendar 2013!!

This year we decided to go with a "drawered" unit, so to speak. It was plain cardboard. I added scrapbook paper to the sides/back & drawer fronts. Next I added the numbers w.a red puff paint.
Price breakdown:
Cardboard unit $7.99 (50%off $15.99)
3 sheets of paper 90¢ (50%off $1.80)
Red puff paint $1
Total: $10 (Hobby Lobby)
I don't have before or during pics and only this as an after, sorry!
The oldest loves it so far and the littles will see it soon!
I just love this time of year! Can't wait to start adding the activities (and maybe a lil treat) to the drawers :)
What advent calendar do y'all use?

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