Thursday, November 14, 2013

Halloween 2013

Hope  everyone had a great Halloween!! (sorry this is late)
Our dinner!

Mother Nature decided that today would be a good day to build up some monsoon style rain and thunderstorms. Pretty sweet of her,no? Ugh. The big wigs on the news were very back and forth on if it'd all begin at the witching hour or not. (6-8pm) The local library and Mall both decided to do indoor trick or treating. After really wrestling with what we wanted to do...
My monsters and I figured we'd brave the elements and just try. We did really well for about 40minutes, then Brother Monster would ask "one more house?" At each house. It wasn't annoying and he was very polite about about it. Then the rain started. We did a couple houses in the rain, but decided to cal it a night. Brother was tired and asking to be carried (hubbys shoulders) By the time we reached the car it was pouring,and by the time we got home the wind picked up. Now as I type this, we are having 50mph winds.
We ended the day with snacks and watched Addams Family. It was a great night and I may be biased but they couldn't possibly have looked cuter!! See for yourself! 

Harlyquin Girl, Angel and a Cop were my Halloween buddies for the night. Who went with you?

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