Monday, November 4, 2013

Sebastian is 4!!

I'm not really sure how it happened, but somehow my little boy isn't so little anymore. He's four  which blows my mind. No, he's not in any kind of school, not even my feeble attempts at Mommy School. It sucks but what can ya do? He's the cutest boy in all the world! I'm not biased either, ask anyone! He's just a doll!! :)
For his birthday, he had the "kid party" at Chuck E Cheese, of course cuz he's in awe of that place. We bought the package so he could have the full CEC experience. That resulted in one very happy child! (His gift from us was a trip to Color Me Mine)
His "Family party" aka: grandparents, was done at his manage and pappys house. Pizza and his own creation cake. He told the baker (my cousin owns her own shop) and she made it happen. It was a very big day for my lil man.
Color Me Mine (Painting his Hulk box)

Birthday Lunch At Culvers

See? I'm not lying. He is the CUTEST!!!

As we were singing to him at CEC

Sebastian and ChuckE

His Gnomie did the Ticket Blaster w/him

He ended up with over 4THOUSAND tickets :)

His cake :)

Happy Birthday Brother Monster!!!

Love Him!!!


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