Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hello everyone. I am now 32. Is that old? I'm not really sure. I feel ok, lol. My oldest tells me 30 is like ancient, but claims that doesn't apply to me. Says I stopped aging at like 17. Sounds good with me, haha. I'll gladly take it.
Anyway this is me, just mainly just tooting my own birthday horn. My birthday is another day in this house. My mom did buy me lunch which was awesome. OK, she gave me money which I used to take me, hubby and the kids to KFC. She's really the only one that acknowledges my birthday. Guess Im too old for all the fanfare. Blah. I like the fanfare, :) Oh, she called me at 10pm saying "I'm sorry if I bothered you, I was just getting tired. I wanted to call you at Midnight so I could be the first to say Happy Birthday but I have to just tell you now" <3 Could you die?? OMG, love her!
I was chatting with Sebastian, and we had the following conversation:
Me: So, you know what tomorrow is?
Brother: No, what?
Me: It's my birthday
Brother: OOOHhhhh!! Can I help you open your presents? Can I have a big piece of your cake? What kind did you get?
Me: I won't get anything like that buddy. It's just Thursday.
Brother: (eyes wide) WHAT?!! Who doesn't want to celebrate your birthday??
Hahaha, it was so crazy sweet and his concern melted me. So there's another sweetie in my life.

I asked Hubby if for my birthday, could I sleep in. Kids free. He take them whenever brother monster wakes up, then takes the baby too (who still sleeps with me) and lets me sleep in. Nope, no go. I can't get the day off diapers and baths either. Good thing those monsters are crazy cute!
So Happy Thursday! Hope Nov 7th treats yall well ;)

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