Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Skylar's Field Trip

Skylar went on a field trip today with her Nerd Club. Haha, (hopefully y'all will remember this is an affectionate name we call her accelerated class group)
Today they went to the history museum in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was crossing state lines and her going on a big field trip w/o me. Very strange for both of us. She was a bit nervous due to not having me and not really knowing anyone in the group. It's brand new and mostly 5th graders. (she is in the 4th grade), and they have only had 1 meeting thus far. The only girl she does know doesnt not care for her, so that also made it awkward. In the end, she told me she focused on taking photos and trying to enjoy herself and have fun. She now wants us to go back without a school event so we can take our time for pics and viewing the exhibits.
They are learning about Immigration, so she got to play the role of an Italian trying to come to Ellis Island. They learned about certain diseases that were not approved of to be able to stay in America, etc. She came home with a lot of really interesting stories and I could tell she really soaked everything in. I am so proud of for going by herself, but I am sad at the same time and wish I could have been there. She feels the same way. It was still a great experience all around.
Here are a few of the 280 photos that she took!
(by the way when I teased her about the amount of photos, she replied "well, I am my mother's daughter." Haha...true, true!)

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  1. 280 photo's, lol Sounds like something my kid would do. Photography must run in the blood, lol. Hope she enjoyed herself!


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