Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sebastian's Cupcake Tower

 Well the time has come to start getting things together for Sebastian's birthday. I don't know if you read his little ticker on the side of my page but Holy Crow, it's popping up fast! Today I tackled the Cupcake Tower. (As you may remember his theme is Farm)
Everything was purchased at Hobby Lobby. If you don't have a Hobby Lobby, it's similar to Micheal's. Just a giant craft land of wonderfulness.
ok, So Supplies for the "Topper" were:
*Cardboard House $2.99
*Sheet of copper textured paper 59cents (40% off)
*Sheet of wooden paper 59cents (40%off)
*Sheet if grass paper 59cents (40%off)
and I had glue and Popsicle sticks on hand

Then I cut up the Paper and glued it to the house. I also covered a couple Popsicles sticks with paper and "trimmed" the door. I also added some grass paper to the bottom edge.The chimney still isn't completed though, lol.
Finished (except chimney)

Then I made a tower..sorta, ha ha. I used Wilton Cake Boards and scrapbook paper for this.
*Wilton cake boards $3.49
*Same grass paper as I used in house
*Straw paper 59cents (40%off)
*Dirt paper 59cents (40%off)
*wooden paper 59cents (40%off)
*had regular white glue and hot glue on hand
 Ok, so the steps aren't so much complicated as they are tedious. I trimmed the boards to create 3 tiers. Then I covered each tier with paper. Then I used the scraps from he papers to create edges. Next I cut the cake board scraps and made a long cube out of them. I used Hot glue to hold the cube together and to attach it to the tiers. I am actually pretty pleased with the outcome! I hope you like it as well!

Total Cost For a completely custom tower: $8.58 plus tax!

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