Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Space Mice

On Monday May23rd Skylar's Drama Club put on a  production called Space Mice. They needed items for the bake sale so I sent in this. It started off as a $3 clearanced Wilton Over the Hill Cupcake tower at Wal*Mart and ended being a Space Mice Display stand!
The center piece had "aged to perfection" and "over the hill" all over it, so I simply colored it with a black Sharpie. The topper required a bit more work. I cut out 2 green stars (from a poster board we had) for front and back. I wrote "Space Mice" with my trusted Sharpie and drew a quick little mouse. Trimmed it w/glue and glitter, glued it on, assembled entire thing, and wah-la! Cupcake stand built for some mice!
Cupcakes were simple Devil's Food and vanilla frosting. I did try to be cutesy and make some mice on top. I bought licorice for the whiskers but decided against it. I liked them as is. Hope you readers do to!
Skylar's Drama co-coach really made me happy. She was all impressed and took photos and was calling people over to look at them. I know it sounds silly and I'm 29, but I was actually proud of it, haha. Yeah I know, grow up right? hahaha
Skylar's play was so ridiculously cute. She was an orange Space Mouse. I loved watching her perform and we all think she has some serious potential there. He actual Drama Coach is begging her to come back next year, but Skylar isn't sure she wants to yet. She said to me, "I think she is afraid of surpassing her friends because she has a lot of untapped talent there. Her voice is simply amazing as well. I think she may even be afraid to reveal it all. " It was very sweet. I can't wait to see what type of adult Skylar becomes. She fancinates me on a daily basis.

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