Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Coffee Helps????

So here I am waiting for 9am because Sebastian nearly ALWAYS wakes up at 9am. I have been sleeping terribly and last night was no exception. My beautiful baby girl wakes ME up each morning at 7am to get ready for school. I hate mornings. I would much rather go to bed at 5am and sleep till noon. Yeah, that sounds nice. Guess I just like night time hours better.
Each morning, I pour myself a cup of hot sweet coffee. I always hear of this addiction. People who "MUST HAVE COFFEE TO FUNCTION" and all that. I don't understand. Is my coffee not strong enough? Do I add too much other crap to it? Too much creamer? Sugar? Is my will for the bed to overpowering that coffee is weakened? Regardless of the scientific reasoning, I still, everyday, aimlessly pour my coffee and wait for the magical effects to jump start my day. They never come. My mornings are pretty routine.
7am> Skylar comes and stands next to my bed, she doesn't have to do anything but walk in my room. I haven't slept and can feel her in there, so I get up. I stumble to the bathroom as she (already dressed cuz who knows when her eyes popped open that day) makes herself some breakfast. I come into the kitchen and try to wipe the sleep out of my eyes as she happily eats and chatters 100MPH about her dream, the shows she has watched already, her plans for the day, etc. By the time she is done with her food, I am basically awake so I fix her hair. She is now 9 and maybe she should be doing this herself, I don't know, but I enjoy it and she can't get it all perfectly smooth on her own and likes me doing it still. Next we come upstairs and I hop online, check Facebook, Email, and the weather. (Then comes that coffee. Maybe I waited to long to have it?) I stand outside with her, drinking the not so magical brew as we wait for her bus. By the time she is on her bus it's about 8:15.
So here I sit, it's about 20 minutes till Sebastian's wake up and I have still yet to feel this boost. Oh well. At least it tastes good.

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  1. Coffee affects people very differently. I have 1 cup a day with a little creamer and no sugar, it makes me feel like I'm awake. Does it really give me that "boost"? Who knows. We're parents, aka walking zombies, in 18 years we'll feel rested. Hang in there honey, and try to sleep at night!


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