Saturday, November 24, 2012

Say it isn't so!!!!!!!!!

Writing in blue cuz this is just sad. So apparently I have officially ran out of storage on my google account or whatever. Yep, no more pics unless I c&p them from Google OR start paying monthly for more space. ugh. Not so sure how hubby will feel about adding another monthly bill so I can get my blog action on... oy vey! (why can't it be a one time fee? yearly even? I HATE automatic withdrawals!!! ugh)
I have considered deleting some stuff but I don't wanna! Yes, I'm 5. lol. I LOVE pics! How can Google put a cap on my free storage? not cool, Google. not cool at all.
Sooooo hopefully I'll get to add pics again soon... like SOON... how will y'all survive not seeing my pics?! LOL..


  1. the cost of more space should be about $5/year
    that's how much it was when I had picasa

  2. nah now it's monthly.. sucks, but I did it


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