Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Indoor Halloween aka: Pumpkin Day

So the kids and I all are struggling w/congestion issues, so going out Trick or Treating has been kinda up in the air. Well Hurricane Sandy sealed the deal. Way too cold/windy/rainy to go out. So what to do?
Well, here is how the monsters and I celebrated!!

While Skylar was at school, I had to quickly figure out what we had on hand to create our lil "party".
Chairs and blankets generally spell fun, right? Ok now we have a great spot for watching a movie! Hmmm.. what else?

*watch a movie
*carve a pumpkin
*roast the seeds
*make a ghost panting

*orange pop (give a cute name)
*Zombie Brains (pasta)
*Monster Munch Balls (orange colored/flavored drizzled w/chocolate)
that's the plan!

ETA: ok, so the plan actually went pretty well! Here's our night!

Dinner: Dyed green wheat noodles, marinara sauce and boiled eggs. (removed the eggs before we ate, lol)

MonsterMunch Balls

Sophie's Pumpkin Carving Session

She was confused...

I quickly grabbed her Binky... she's a "straight to the mouth" kinda kid

cold, squishy, slimy

GREAT sensory project though :)

It even stretched!
Then I put her inside. She wasn't a fan, too cold

Next came a pumpkin seed craft. (kids didn't want to eat them, lol)

what goes inside a pumpkin?
Seeds of course!
He counted as he did this!! Love when he does that
Finished Pumpkin
Next he just wanted to play in the seeds

So I took a few pics of Sophie while he played

Mum Mum face

Skylar's art
I said "add at least 5 seeds" (Washing and roasting them was too time consuming, lol, I wanted them to do SOMETHING with them)

Her finished project

In the "tent" waiting for Sissy...

and watching Spongebob
Messy man, :P
Charlie Brown time now cuz...
Sissy returned from Showerland!!
then finished the night with...


oops forgot my fav pic! lol
Footprint Ghost

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