Tuesday, November 6, 2012

One Week Outdoor Play Challenge

Challenge Accepted!!!
I am accepting the 1,000 outdoor hours that Polarn O. Pyret is hosting. They want all 50 states to log their hours and post it to them via blog, FB, email.
Let's get those kids outdoors!! Help make this 1,000 hour goal with me! It will be a challenge for sure, especially with this crazy weather.
I just heard of this so I'm a day late. BUT I will try to get outdoor time logged the rest of this week :)
Log hours here and post pics!!

and more details
click here

ETA: day 2 (1for us)= 0 time outdoors :(
ETA: day 3= 1hour and 5 minutes (sebastian and his daddy at a park)
ETA: day 4= 0 time outdoors
(wondering if Skyar's school recess counts...)

ETA: total fail, I forgot about this. we did have outdoor time but I forgot to track it!

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