Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Elf on the Shelf...A new tradition

This year a new tradition has began. It is called Elf on the Shelf. I see it everywhere and have considered it for a while now. I think now is the perfect time to introduce an elf to the family.  Sebastian is 3 so I think this is a great age. Skylar (10) can help out and Sophie (7months) can grow up with this tradition. Perfect!
Now, being a frugal girl... ok, I'm cheap. So the $30 price tag was a bit much for me to swallow, especially this time of year. BUT, I told myself that it's worth it.
When I got home, I opened the box which comes with the Elf and the story. The idea is the Elf goes back to Santa nightly and reports on the child's behavior. Sebastian has been having some issues in that department lately so I am hoping this helps!
Upon opening I realized that it was pretty floppy. I had been seeing all sorts of ideas on where to place him each day but how would I achieve that? The it hit me..he needed wires in his limbs and Velcro on his hands! So I set to work....
Right out of box, he has to be propped up.

Tools needed for his surgery

With a seam ripper, remove a couple stitches from each limb

Make a small loop in a piece of wire

Feed the wire through the opening up the entire limb, bend the other side to so no sharp ends stab you. Sew up the end

Cut some Velcro to sew on his hands

Now the lil guy can move better!


  1. I'm a bit disturbed by the surveillance side of the Elf, but I've talked to moms who have done all sorts of random adventures with him - like set him up with miniprops and stuff - and that sounds very awesome. I think it'd be cool to do like a North Pole escaped Elf who goes on random adventures a la Toy Story at night. So does this mean you guys are doing Santa?

    1. Yes, Skylar had an epiphany, lol. She wanted to leave Reese Pieces out one night for Sebastian to think it was ET, and I was like "uhh, Skylar..." and she "got it". Now she doesn't want Sebastian to miss out on the magic of Santa. So YAY lol
      As for our Elf, yes he is pretty stalker huh? lol. But I have LOADS of ideas for him. Stay tunes. I'll try to post daily of where he was found :)


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