Friday, May 18, 2012

Miss Sophia

I thought I would share a few hospital pics. Hubby visited me but had to care for the other 2 monsters, so I was alone most of my hospital stay. My sister came for about 10minutes and saw me in the recovery room, and left. No one else came, so it was me and Sophie!! Enjoy
(my birth story can be found by click this!!)
Sophia 4-2-12
7lbs 20"

in OR, enjoying my newest lil bundle

Sisters Meeting
(Sebastian was too hyper and wouldn't let us take his pic)

Skylar got to hold her while I was in the recovery room!
First bottle

I'm obsessed already, haha

A Blondie!!

She's watching, with one eye open, :)

Playing dress up at like 2am

Going home!!

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