Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Immature Hip

When Sophie was born, the hospital pediatrician said that she noticed a "click" in her left hip. This concerned me, but she said not to worry and that most babies out grow them. It is caused by the hip just not being fully matured yet. She told me only "clunks" are concerning , and that can lead to them wearing a brace around their waist, etc etc. She said we should get an ultrasound and see an Orthopedic surgeon. My mind was racing. If it was no big deal, why send me to specialists? I guess they were trying to be proactive, but it is still scary, ya know?
So hospital pedi sets up my 2 appointments, which are at 2 different locations on the same day. They were scheduled for when Sophie was 8 days old.
At Sophie's 1week pedi checkup, the nurse said she didn't feel anything out of place, but still keep my appointments because they are the experts.
Next day I go to u/s and they tell me it's listed as a "clunk" in the referral report. HUH??? NO!! So I wait in the waiting area for a looong ten minutes for her u/s.
After the u/s tech looked at her, she declared her left hip to be perfect. Then she said "I see some slight immaturity on the right one, though. It's not bad and I really do not see the need for her to see an ortho." So after many people checked out the u/s results (including a faxed copy to Sophie's pedi) it was declared we cancel the Ortho appointment. Our next step is a repeat u/s at about 8 weeks. I'll update then!

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