Friday, May 25, 2012


Cellulitis (sel-u-LI-tis) is a common, potentially serious bacterial skin infection. Cellulitis appears as a swollen, red area of skin that feels hot and tender, and it may spread rapidly.

I noticed a small pimple on Sebastian's butt while changing his diaper on Friday. I played a band aid over it in case it popped. It was rather small, maybe the size of my pinkie nail, so I didn't think much of it. Then throughout the day he started acting like he wasn't feeling well. I never connected the two. I assumed with his runny nose and cough, he was simply battling a cold. Pimple never changed.
By Saturday, he was running a slight fever and pimple's redness was growing. I put in a call to pedi and she makes him a Monday morning appointment.
Sunday he is completely fine and goofy, but pimple had turned into a hard red mass and due to it's location (crack of his butt, literally) it was getting hard for him to walk. I changed the band aid and when I pulled the old one off, it bursted. I applied some pressure to the site and a lot of pus-y discharge came out. Another call to pedi. They said since it was draining, he was OK to wait until his appointment.
Monday morning, his testicles were now swollen. Infection appeared to be spreading. Pedi put him on an antibiotic and said we should follow up the next day.
Tuesday Morning, pedi was not happy with the progress and wanted us to go to Ohio. Yep, we had to go to Cincy's Children's Hospital ER. My baby!! I was so sad it was this awful. I was clinging to hope that they would say it was OK.
At ER he developed a fever. First time since the weekend's fever. They said they were afraid the infection was inside his testicles so the had him do an u/s on them. U/S was perfect! His private area was completely unaffected by his bump just irritated on the outside. Dr wanted to try to drain any pus that may still be in there, so they had to perform surgery. He was too small and it was too tender to just lance open. They allowed me to be by his side the entire time!
They said normally they would send the patient home, but since he started a fever and the sensitive nature of where it was located, they wanted him to stay overnight.
Sebastian did everything like a champ!! His surgery went great and his overnight progress was amazing. He was able to go home at 4pm next day.

Waking up from surgery, eating a Popsicle. his 1st IV...sad..

1st time in crib, EVER

Getting some meds

Stretching his legs after being in bed so long

Mommy's lil trooper

So cute!
 In case you are wondering, he was put in the Isolation unit because they said he had an open wound in a very sensitive spot and they didn't want outside germs entering him. I was afraid he was contagious or something. They said "nope, this is more for HIS benefit"

took him to lunch at the mall and to movies to see Avengers since he was such an awesome patient!!

Movie's Game room. He's a rock star in every way


  1. he's such a trooper! glad he's feeling better now :)

  2. Oh wow, so glad Sebastian is doing better! That sucks they didn't think to admit him sooner. Thanks for this information.

    1. thanks! and youre welcome, lol. I wasnt going to post this but I figured someone out there might find it informative/helpful, ya know?


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