Sunday, March 5, 2017

Industrial Piercing: Night 1 & Cleaning Solution

So I just got my industrial bar at around 7:30pm, if you are curious as to how that went click HERE. I was out and about for a few more hours before I got home. (We went to Sally's beauty, out to dinner, etc) For the first 2 hours after getting my piercing, I'd say it went back and forth between a throbbing and a squeezing type of pressure. It wasn't too painful or anything really, just a noticeable sensation in my ear. Moreso on the top piercing. The lower one was decently fine. I didn't really feel anything out of that one. The cold air blowing on it, however, was a bit harsh. Going out side as I went from car to location was no fun, and I had to cup my hand over my ear. This is pretty common for me though as my ears are crazy sensitive to wind anyway so this wasn't anything extra I had to do.
Cleaning Solution
I was finally able to be home and settled enough to clean my piercing around 12:30-1am. I have decided to use the following solution to clean my piercing: 1/2 teaspoon sea salt to 8oz of hot water. I didn't measure. I simply put about half teaspoon sea salt (Got this at Wal*Mart for $4) into my teaspoon measuring spoon, then grabbed a small mason jar and filled it with hot water and stirred until it dissolved. Next I soaked a couple Qtips and went around my 4 sites and cleaned up the bar a bit. There's discomfort in doing this but the worst part is turning the bar. I tried to do at least 2 or 3 full turns so crusties don't get too bad on the bar, and I knew I bled a fair amount and wanted to clean that as much as I could tolerate. Major rule to any piercing is to not play with it or mess with it too much.
And of course, here are a few pics so you can get a lil visal of what I'm dealing with thus far 😃
1st Cleaning
Night 1 
Since this is on my left ear, I can only sleep on my right side. Don't even think about rolling over. I only attempted to roll over once and instantly my ear said "Nope, turn your ass back over. " It was like a painful alarm that refused movement. (I have a very bad back, so I am quite used to my body yelling at me and not allowing me to make my own decisions though) Again, it wasn't too bad. Just a quick reminder to roll over and it was fine. First night went well overall, I'd say.

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