Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Dear Junkie's Wife,

(My reply to THIS)

You call me the Judgy Facebook Lady and I will accept that title. Not because I like to be called judgy but because I keep it real.
Now you ask if you deserve sympathy and I say absolutely. It is not your fault your husband was a junkie, but I refuse to give sympathy to someone that did this to theirself. I see time and time again people are defending their family or friend because they had this "terrible addiction" and it was "this terrible disease that won". No. The person was a fucking junkie and they gave their life to a fucking drug. It was a CHOICE. Yes, I know that you can become physically dependant, but unless someone is holding a gun to your head making you "just try it" that first time, it was your CHOICE. If you get hooked after that it is still YOUR FAULT. Its not a "disease". No one wakes up and says "I'm having a bad day or life, I think I'll try a lil Cancer to get through that day." No, you put on your big girl or big boy panties and deal with it or deal with the consequences, If I get drunk to drown my pain should I not have to deal with the consequences of what I do while drunk?
People like to say "oh you don't know what led them to it", true I do not know. What I do know is that I have been dealt a very shitty hand in life and could write several Lifetime Movie scripts on my fucked up story but I know better than to turn to drugs. It takes a very weak minded individual to turn to drugs and I know better. So yes, sorry not sorry to anyone I offend but it is weak minded people that turn to drugs.
That being said, I am also not just blissfully ignorant to the junkie's plight either. I know past and current users. Yes, That's right. Go back and read that sentence again. I said "PAST", Did you catch that? I also said "KNOW" as in they aren't fucking dead! They knew they fucked up in their personal moment of weakness and GOT HELP. Why? Because they wanted to. You can get better. You just have to want it.
So yes, I will continue to "judge" and get pissed off when I see Narcan being handed out like free candy on Halloween because it's bullshit. People can't wakeup and say "Oh I think allergies sound cool, I'll take a shot of peanut allergy please, oh don't worry if I go into shock, Epipens are given away on the street corner" they are truly suffering and some can't even afford their MEDICINE while junkies are able to do their heroin and get free help? No. Would you be singing this tune if your husband ODed in a car and ran over a child? Or if a stranger ODs and kills your child? No, you'd be devastated and curse said junkie. Don't make excuses because you loved him. Call a thing a thing. Your husband was a junkie and needed to WANT help.
If I decide tomorrow "Oh I wanna try heroin and see if its really all this and that" and got addicted then it would be my fault and I wouldn't expect anyone to make excuses for me either.

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