Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Industrial Bar Week 1 & 2

So I'm gonna post Weekly Updates, as I feel that will be the best way to keep all this organized. I'll also be sure to include pics cause that is what I would wanna see.
 Sunday Mar 5, 2017
*Made up my solution and the plan was to soak my ear in it for 5-10 minutes but it wasn't working for me so I ended up just soaking a cotton pad (got these at Sally's for $2.50, but saw them at Wal*Mart as well) in the solution and laying it on my ear for 5-10 minutes. It was probably closer to 10 minutes.
My Cleaning Method 
My cleaning solution (click for more)
soak on cotton pad, place on piercing for 5-10 minutes
Dip Qtip in solution and get around the sites and any crevices
soak another cotton pad in warn water to rinse 
This method will be used upon wakeup and bedtime for 2 weeks. Then I have another plan.
Also, midday I will wash my hands really well with antibacterial soap and do a full turn and push the bar up a lil and down a lil. never spending more than a minute messing with it. I really shouldn't have to say this, but please be sure to wash your hands VERY well before touching your piercing.


I did this for 2 weeks. I was going to take pics everyday and post them, but I honestly saw no point. They all look exactly the same, My ear was a little sore, and I am learning to sleep on my left side as long as I hold my arm in a way to create a hole for my ear to rest in as there is still a lil bit of pressure if I lay on it, but really I don't have any real update. So far so good 😀

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