Monday, March 31, 2014

What is Your Dream Job and Why?

I am creating a list of 30 Things I Want My Kids To Know About Me, and posting them in no certain order. this is #7 on the list!!
I think my absolute dream job would be to be paid to be a SAHM. I love nothing more than being able to be home with my children 24/7 but the fact that there is no paycheck at the end of the week is sad. BUT I know that's not realistic.
My "realistic" dream job would be getting paid to blog! (First of all, that'd be a GREAT motivator to actually keep it totally current like I want to) I would love to be one of those blogs that is getting free trips to Disney World or being sent free crafts, etc for my kids to try out as long as I write a review. I LOVE writing reviews on things and have no problem with being completely honest in my review. Heck I do reviews here already lol, but to be paid? Or get the stuff I'm reviewing for free?? I think that would be AWESOME!
And did you notice??? That would still be like getting paid to be a SAHM, haha. ;)

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