Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break Staycation: Day 1

So the plan was to go on a couple day getaway, but alas circumstances beyond our control intervened. So it became a Staycation again this year!!
Day 1 started off rocky. Sophie had a rough night. Screamed all night long and mommy and her got zero sleep. Then brother monster decided this morning would be a good day to be as whiny and bratty as possible. Nothing made him happy and he just cried non stop.
After our rough morning, hubby and I decided that we needed that silver lining in our day. We had the storm now we needed our rainbow :)
We took the kids to lunch, the museum and then for an ice cream!
After their treat we took them to Grandmas and hubby and I went to the movies! It was so much fun spending the day my kids AND getting to have some alone time with hubby.
(Of course, mommy syndrome kicked in and I was super anxious to get back to those monsters the second the movie went off! Haha)

Sophie waiting as I tried to get Sebastian calm

Quick Happy Meal

Then we were Museum bound

This guy was on the moon Mommy!

Loved the caves. Had to do it 3X

If it's Hands on, he's happy

My Everything


Hubby and I watching NonStop :)

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