Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Family Member

So as I said Miss Sophie is fixing to turn 2!! I'm not sure how that happened but it's upon us.
As a gift to her, I got a kitten! Yes she's only 2, but I thought it'd be a great lil buddy to grow up with her. I'm also a huge fan in small kids having pets. I think it teaches them alot.  Not to mention it helps expose her to dander, therefore lowering her risk of developing allergies to pets! Win/win!!
Now, verbally Sophie is a typical baby. She's a girl of limited words (which is still hard to get used to considering how extremely advanced her siblings were and are! But I guess when all you do is bat your eyelashes and everyone comes running, you don't feel a need to speak lol) but that being said, it's Sophies kitty so I still let her name him.
First his name was Meow. Kitty's say meow right? So her calling him that didn't surprise me. Sister and brother monster, however weren't fans. They kept asking her to give him a new name. Finally she called him Dory. (Or doreeeeeeeeee, as she squealed the first couple of times)
So please welcome DORY!!

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