Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pay it Forward 2014

I got this idea from Busy kids=Happy Moms.  It was on the Facebook page, not the blog. Its not letting me link the FB.

I posted a status on my Facebook that whoever was the first five people to respond, they'd get a surprise treat sometimes this year in the mail. No clue what it'd be yet and I have the entire year to do it. Just a lil something to brighten their day is the goal. The "catch" is basically before they add themselves to my list they have to agree to do it as well. I didn't add the catch on my status. I am just going to be sure to send my five treats, and its up to them if they feel the need to pay it forward.
I've very excited to do this! I only had 4 people respond to it. Then a week later my newsfeed exploded with everyone doing this!! It took me quite a while to even get my 4, lol. Oh well. I'm super looking forward to this and I already received my gift from BKHM!!

 Stretchy Headband and earrings :) 

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  1. Hi Cat! I'm so glad you're Paying It Forward in 2014. I'm glad you participated in the one my blog did. I've been seeing the posts in everyone's feeds too. I think that's awesome! The circles of kindness keep growing. Many blessings - Kristen PS - Your family is adorable!


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