Thursday, January 9, 2014

20 Random Facts About ME

I'm creating a list of  30 Things I want my kids to know about me! This is the first one!
20 random facts about yourself
 1) I love typing in fun colors but try to refrain as to not hurt the readers eyes!
 2) I'm obsessed with all things Mommy. Loved every second of my sometimes scary pregnancies, loved begin awake at all hour, etc etc. I'm very heart broken when I think about being "done" having kids.
 3) I think Ranch powder makes everything taste good.
 4) Chocolate literally cheers me up!
 5) I really enjoy being in the kitchen.
 6) I can't ever remember liking how I look. Ever.
 7)Nothing beats a good book
 8) I love taking pictures, of everything!
 9) I'm such a list maker/planner!
10) I'm way too sensitive and get my feels hurt quite easily.
11) I am ridiculously sarcastic.
12) I hate being home.
13) I want to see everything! Travel everywhere!
14) I love to craft!
15) I love blogging!! (Obviously haha)
16) I've been an insomniac since I was 13, but it never bothered me until recently. Guess I'm getting old. I'd love a good nights sleep.
17) I can't drive and no desire to learn.
18) Abraham  Lincoln is my fav president.
19) I love learning more about the Holocaust, and thinking of ways I'd like to torture Hitler. Kinda crazy I guess but I loathe him.
20) I procrastinate more than I'd like to admit.

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