Monday, April 15, 2013

Lesson Learned

So I have lost what I considered a good friend over foolishness. It has been bothering me so I'm going to release it in my lovely little "online" journal and let it go. Move on.
I met her online through my baby club. We exchanged Facebooks and even phone numbers and addresses! I felt we were "real" friends although we were states away. Wetalked daily and never really had disagreements. But she began selling handmade jewelry online so I purchased some, but a piece arrived broken. I made a sad face on FB saying it was broken, but another lady saw it (mutual friend) and said I should remove it and handle it privately. I agreed, and deleted it. It wasn't there any longer than 1-2minutes, but the mutual friend saw it and told my friend. I never had the chance to apologize for making the sad face, my "friend" simply cussed me out for it and canceled our friendship. She then decided to bring up arguments and disagreements that had nothing to do with us, (OUR only issue was this sad face) Now she sneaks in lil ways to hurt me or put me down.
I really believe this is something that we could have handled and gotten over. I would NEVER want to hurt her business, it was a simple "aww bummer it's broken" like "aww bummer my pizza is cold' or something. Hell, if I didn't care for her or her business why would I send her a jewelry making kit to try to help her? Why would I have ordered in the first place?
Ahh but it's all moot. Some people are simply put into your life to help you grow and teach you lessons. I feel that is what she was put into my life for. Just a chapter in my book to grow from. I learned a great lesson from this experience.
Now that I have vented I hope I can find peace and hopefully she will stop trying to bring me down as well. I hope she finds closure to and moves on from continuing to try to hurt me.

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