Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Crafts!

Today we did some Christmas Crafts. They were fun and kept the kids entertained for quite a while. I mainly did this to calm down my cranky napless monster, but Skylar got involved and it became loads of fun, which crafts should be!
First up was Sebastian's Hand wreath. I traced his hand once and then used it as a template to create a bunch of hands. Next I taped them in a circle-ish shape. I cut out a purple bow and had him tape it on. Next I rough cutted some red dots and he tapped those on as well. Super cute!
While we did that, Skylar created what she called "Christmas Shadows". I loved this!! Very creative and unique. Can you spot the various shapes she made?
Finally they both made cotton ball snowmen. I cut out Sebastian's eyes, hat, and nose. Then put glue where the body should go and told him to add the cotton to the glue. He did very well at this! I, then added glue to the other pieces and asked him where they went and he added those as well. These monsters are SO creative!! Love them!
Here's a few pics of creating the snowman.


  1. Those snowmen are super cute! You're such a fun mom!

  2. Those are so cute! I always want to do crafts with my kids but I'm not very crafty. I want to be though! I'm more into the digital stuff. Which thankfully I got tech savvy kids that like that stuff too so we now all have blogs! LOL It's crafty for us!

    Your kids are super duper cute as well!!!

    I found your link on BlogginMamas on babycenter and came over here. I'm going to add you to my blog roll. If you want to see my blog it is


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