Saturday, December 10, 2011

Donuts with "Christmas"

 Today was the yearly fundraiser my daughter's school's PTO does. It's a Donuts w/Santa morning. It's $4/person and you get pics w/Santa, donuts, craft, and your choice of hot chocolate, coffee, milk or juice. They do this every year but this was our first time attending. Skylar had never been interested, but I thought Sebastian might like it this year.
Sebastian (who calls Santa  "Christmas") did not want to sit on his lap. He told him "No, no lap Christmas. But I want a vacuum." So Santa offered to kneel by him on the floor. Sebastian was fine with that, and chatted with him for a few minutes. This was an amazing Santa. He did wonderful with the kids.
Daddy came to this event as well. I was amazed because he usually refuses things like this. He sat down, ate, and even crafted with the kids! I loved it. I think this was the first time Sebastian did crafts w/daddy.
Skylar had fun too, but didn't want to go near Santa at all. She is so big, ya know? HAHA.
After we left here we finished up some more shopping. This time of year is simply too much fun!!

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