Friday, January 25, 2013

Jan: Popeyes Chicken Review

For the month of January my new place was Popeyes Chicken.
We have had a couple of these in our area for a while now but never go there. Don't ask me why cuz I have no clue.
I would like to say the location of this particular one was not ideal, lol, but it was doable, obviously. Once inside you are greeted with country music, so don't say I didn't warn you haha. I, personally, don't mind as I was raised by a single mom that ADORES country music.
Popeyes is known for Cajun seasoning, but I ordered mild and it was not spicy at all. The Cajun fries had a lil kick but in a good way. My 3 year old loved them. Hubby got Cajun and said it had a lil more kick than the fries but wasn't "hot" at all. (not sure how reliable he would be though as he's a total "Hothead")
The actual food was great but they were out of ranch, which was sad for me. It's my go to dip for everything, which I should work on cuz it's super bad for you. But then I really messed up. I ordered Honey Mustard (which I typically really enjoy)Uh NO, no way, don't do it. It taste gross. Like horseradish and mustard had a baby that they coated in honey. EW.So needless to say I had no condiments. I had forgotten to request anything for my biscuit. And you know what? That is OK. The biscuits are so rich and buttery and just perfection. They did not need anything!

So for hubby, myself and Sebastian it was just under $24.00 (That's hubby and me each a combo and a kids meal)
Final Verdict: Major Win!! Hubby even said he preferred over KFC, Which is huge cuz he is obsessed with KFC.
Here is the website if you are interested:

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