Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Reading List

No, this is not a "Resolution" or anything. I just want to start reading again. I used to be a major bookworm and just never read for fun anymore (Well I mean Dr.Seuss is amazingly fun, but I would like to step outside the preschool age a "tad" lol). I miss it AND I tend to think if kids seeing you read it shows reading in a much better light, ya know?
Here is my "Reading List". I will add books in red and once I have read then I will turn them purple. Who knows? I may even give a little tidbit on what I thought of the book.

Reading List
1) Pride and Prejudice by: Jane Austen
 2) The Last Song by:Nicholas Sparks
 3) Your Best Life Now by:Joel Osteen
4) Thirteen R3ASONS Why by: Jay Asher
 5) Ana's Story; A Story of Hope by: Jenna Bush
 6) Back When We Were Grownups by:Anne Tyler> I just couldn't get into this book. It was just not interesting, very slow.
 7) A Lion Among Men by: Gregory Maguire
 8) Son of a Witch by:Gregory Maguire
 9) Out of Oz by: Gregory Maguire
10) Perks of Being a Wallflower by: Stephen Chbosky
11) The Casual Vacancy by: JK Rowling
12) PS. I Made This by: Erica Domesek
13) Dirty Little Secrets from otherwise perfect moms by: Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile
14) 50 Rules Kids Won't Learn in School by: Charles J. Skyes
15) Mammarazzi by: Stacy Wasmuth
16) The Illustrated Timeline of Religon by:Laura Smith
17) Redemption Series by:Karen Kingsbury (this is a set of 5, I'll post as I read them)
18) Between Sundays by: Karen Kingsbury
19) Understanding Exposure; 3rd edition by: Bryon Peterson
20) SuperNanny by: Jo Frost

*These are in no certain order, and I will add to them as I either think of them or am given a suggestion. The first 9 in this list are simply random books I saw laying around my house.
*OK, my weirdo organizing brain is taking over and I want to add a little color code to this. I doubt anyone is reading my nonsense so it's all good :P

Red Books= Added to my list to read
Mustard Books= Books I hope to find as I already checked and my library doesn't have them. I will delete these and any others I do not read at the end of the year, thus only displaying my completed list.
Purple Books= Already Read/click to read my review
Green Books= Currently Reading
Black Books= Started but could not even finish because I didn't like it
(I really hope I don't have any blue books)

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