Monday, October 22, 2012

PMM: Baby's 1st Pumpkin

     So the hot thing floating around my baby board is this adorable pumpkin idea. I was told it's on Pintrest so, of course, I clicked on over there! It can be seen HERE. Well after multiple searches I learned that the original poster of this idea didn't have a pattern or anything. She merely googled hand and feet images and sized them to fit her pumpkin. That is pretty much the only instructions she gave. I LOVED the idea. (obviously) but wanted it to be more "Sophie's" so I used HER prints to make the face.
I also decided to include all my steps in case anyone else wants to make one of their gorgeous lil bundle's prints!
While Sophie was asleep, I managed to get a few prints. This was actually a lot easier than I expected it to be.

I then used a dot of glue to hold the cutouts in place while I traced them.

Using the same image, I just flipped it over and traced onto the other side of the pumpkin to create a face.

Next I cut off the top and hallowed it out. (big fun for carpal tunnel suffers..ugh shudder)

Time to cut out the hands and feet!

Sappy Mom Alert. I had a hard time parting with these adorable pieces of pumpkin

ok, no one else painted theirs, but I LOVE pink, so yeah...

Trying to get a photo of Sophie w/her pumpkin

Sebastian wanted a pic too, :)

End result!
So what do you think?


  1. Very cute :) I saw a pinterest that had also used the handprints and thought it was way more personalized.

    You guys carved early this year!

  2. oh really? I couldnt find any that actually used the baby. cute
    yeah we usually do after our pumpkin patch trip


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