Friday, October 5, 2012


That is what I am feeling right now. I don't really have anyone IRL to turn to, so one again I'm hitting the blogshere with my venting. Doubt anyone reads this anyway.. is there anyone out there reading my rambles?
So today I have basically come to accept people that I thought were my friends are merely acquaintances. I need to stop pouring myself onto people and automatically thinking that all is well. I made a post a while back about letting people go, and it's about time I follow my own advice.
No Mommy School this week. At all. Epic fail on both me and hubby. Hubby always has some glorious excuse as to why he can not help out with Sophie, but I blame myself too. I should just make him. Sebastian was in tears today cuz we hadn't done Mommy School, but Sophie is now teething so she needs constant love. She is pretty much "look at me, look at me, look at me" already, but add teething and she really gets offended if she's not the spotlight.
Skylar is SUCH a preteen it scares me. If this new found attitude is a precursor of what's to come, I'm hiding under my bed.
I do have a new buddy, yes online buddy of course haha. I shall call her G. We are kind of in the same place in our lives and are going to tackle this new adventure together. Time for lifestyle changes. Time for us to do things we've been meaning to do. For me that is a lot of different things, but mainly knowing who I can depend on. Knowing where to turn to share the good, bad and ugly.
Thanks to whoever, if anyone,  may have read this. It's good sometimes to let it all. Even if it is a virtual AGHGHHHHHHH, it helps.

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