Saturday, August 11, 2012

PMM: 3D Hand Art

My 1st PMM is this really cool drawing. I saw this one here.  It's really simple, and could be done really amazing if you took your time, unlike us, haha. Basically you trace your hand, then make a straight line leading up to the hand and create a "bump" and as soon as you are done with the bump part, make the remainder of the line straight. Color it in alternating colors to create a better effect.
We did this during a storm, and the lights kept flickering off and on so it became a rushed project, haha, but still I think it turned out pretty cool.

Sebastian tracing his hand
Doodling on one of Skylar's "tries"

Sebastian's Hand all done
My hand all done

(btw, Skylar refused to finish hers cuz it didn't turn out good enough, in HER opinion)

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