Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Big Boy Bed

The time has come. I got Sebastian is own bed. He has napped and had bedtime in my bed his entire 29 Months. I made the switch much earlier with Skylar, so I am nervous on how he will handle this new adjustment. He has never had a crib or really slept alone. Daddy sleeps during the day (3rd shift worker) so he handles naps and I'm there at night to handle those. This seems like it will be such an interesting process. Fingers crossed!!
Ok, step 1. I had Sebastian help pick out all his bed things. The bed, mattress, even the bedding. I had recently gotten Baby Peep's bed as well. I set the beds up only 2 days apart to explain to him that now everyone has their own bed. I tried to make it sound as exciting as possible. He seems pretty into it, but I am still concerned.
Step2: The 1st night. This was off to a bad start (although hubby was off, which I wanted for the 1st night) . The day completely got away from us, and he napped oddly, we even were out late. By the time he was settled it was after 11pm. I told Hubby to take him to bed since he was very into being with Daddy. So after the show they were watching, Sebastian fell asleep. Hubby carried him to his bed.
I came to bed around 2:30am, and he was still asleep. At 4am, he cried out. I went in, rubbed his back and he instantly fell back asleep. This happened 3 more times before 6:30. Then at 6:40am Sebastian came into my room and climbed into my bed. I am up at 7am w/Skylar. So really no sleep for Mommy, haha. The wakeups were extremely short, maybe 30seconds of me in his room. He has had some rare nights where he will cry out in his sleep. (nightmare? Molars? no idea) but is very easily shh-ed. I'm hoping this was just one of those nights. I do plan on trying again tonight with his proper bedtime routine.
I'll keep updating!

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