Thursday, March 15, 2012

Big Boy Bed Night 2

Night 2:
I gave Sebastian his bath, brushed teeth, got him dressed in his room and laid him down. I read him a story, etc whole shebang. Then left. He whined and cried and I went in every 5minute mark to sooth him. He was starting to sound really upset and with his asthma I wasn't sure how long to just let him scream "MOMMY PLEASE!!" yes, it was heart breaking but honestly I was more worried about his lungs.
Well the last time he started crying for Daddy. Makes sense. Daddy does sleep time. I went in to get Hubby to give him some loves and he went in.
Sebastian fell asleep and it took about 1/2 hr  between both of us to get him to sleep.

Sebastian started crying a bit after 11pm. I went in to soothe him, and he was hyperventilating bad. He was begging to get into my bed. He started wheezing and losing oxygen. It was bad. Like a mini asthma attack. I had to get his puffer and everything. After I calmed him down I sat on my bed with him and we had a talk about his new bed. He finally said, "ok mommy I'll go to my bed now" So I took him in there and rubbed his back until he fell asleep. Went back in my room. I listened to him cough and wheeze forever! Once he quieted down, and I checked on him, I felt ok to try and sleep. Next thing I know he's climbing in next to me. Checked clock 4:something. I was fine with it. I just snuggled him and he breathed so much better. I couldn't put him back in there and risk that again already. I didn't realize how hard this would be on his asthma. He was in there for quite a while, so I'm good with the progress so far.

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