Thursday, October 17, 2013

October is so Busy!!

Sorry I'm such a slacker! Here are a few highlights of my October: (so far, as of 10-16-13)
Sophie turned 18months which meant pics!
Sebastian turned 4, which meant pics!
Sebastian`s birthday lunch (on the 14th)
Sophie's checkup
Sebastian's checkup
Skylar's sick appointment
Sebastian's bday gift (trip to color me mine)
Sebastian's bday shopping/party planning
Multiple pharmacy runs (both girls)
Sophie's sick appointment
(And homeschooling Skylar and trying to fit in Spooky Sundays)

Still to come?
Sophie's followup visit
Sophie VAX visit (since she was sick at her checkup)
Sebastian's bday party
Pumpkin patch

And hopefully a nap :)

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