Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sophia's Lemonade Stand

After searching everywhere for a lemonade stand that matched what I wanted, I learned it's be easier (and cheaper) to make it a DIY project. My inspiration came from this photo I stumbled across while pregnant. After going back and forth on multiple themes I kept going back to Strawberry Lemonade. Girly and so sweet. Perfect for Miss Sophie!
I drew what I wanted on a piece of paper, measurements too. It was for hubby but after he got back from Lowe's to get the supplies, he said he'd do it later and went to sleep (works 3rd so sleeps during the day) Well my brother in law came over and was acting bord, so I handed him the paper and said, "well you can build this for Sophie" as a joke. He took it and walked outside. I visited with my sister and her kids, thinking nothing about it. Next thing I knew he was walking toward the house carrying it!! He did an amazing job! I'm just floored by it! Then my niece Cassie asked if she could paint it. I was like "sure!" and she got to work. All I did was write the "25cents", "Sophia's Lemonade" and add detail to lemons. I just LOVE how it turned out!! What do you think? 

The boys loved playing with it

All done!

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