Monday, February 18, 2013

Feb: Jack in the Box Review

Feb's new place was Jack In the Box!

This was an out of our state visit, haha. As we do not have these near me. Hubby had heard on the radio about this place and wanted to try it out. So, we made the journey :)
Upon entering,  it looks like your typical fast food resturant. Once you look at the menu however, it's a bit different. Skylar says all the resturants had a baby and named it Jack. I tend to agree with that logic as they serve cheeseburgers to chicken to tacos.
After placing our order, we were given a number and told to take a seat. They bring it to you?  Sweet!
After about 15 or so minutes we were brought most of our meal. (I was missing my sandwich and hubby was missing his fries) Add another almost 10minutes and we got the rest of our food. My sandwich had swiss cheese. I had ordered cheddar. So I brought it back up and asked for the correct cheese. She told me she'd bring it out to me. Ok fine, I sat back with my family to chat and wait.
When the sandwich was brought to me the second time, it had no cheese... wow really? So I went back up and asked if she could just give me the cheese and I'd put it on. (I saw no need for a whole new sandwich, ya know?) She did and we all finished our meal.
The food (once correct and served) was very good. I really enjoyed the options they have as well. Also my sandwich was on a sourdough bread which I hardly ever see anymore!!
For my family of 2 adults/2 children (Sophie slept through lunch lol) it was just under $30
Final verdict: I'm going to assume the lady that handled my order was new and I'll totally go back here if in the area.


  1. lol we have jack in the boxes around here. I like their chicken on sourdough sandwich. Their weird menu addons are just weird to me - first tacos, then a rice bowl (neither of which I like). We usually do drive-through though, so we've never had that brutal of a wait time!

  2. thats what I got! chicken on sourdough
    I love tacos though

  3. I've never heard of that place, I don't think they exist over here, but it sounds good! (Well, once you all had the right food, anyway..)

  4. I like tacos, just not their tacos :)


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